How can I share my concerns and views about the program?

You are always encouraged to contact us with your thoughts or questions.
To begin receiving e-mail lane closure updates, please follow this link.
To request an appointment to visit the Program Office, please follow this link.


Where is the US 290 Program office located and how do I go about making an appointment to talk with US 290 Program team member?

The US 290 Program office is located at Brookhollow Central III, 2950 North Loop West, Suite 1150, Houston, Texas 77092. Appointments can be scheduled by calling our hotline, 1-866-95-US290 (1-866-9587290) or by filling the request for appointment form on this Web site. To ensure we are able to accommodate your request, please allow a minimum of two business days to coordinate schedules.


Is there a place where I can view or obtain copies of maps or schematic designs?

Please click this link to review the 2015 Map Drawings, click this link to review the FEIS Map Drawings or request an appointment to visit the US 290 Program Office.


How is the public involved in the US 290 Program?

Public and agency participation is a vital aspect of the US 290 Program. It is critical to us that we involve a diverse group of stakeholders, including individuals, neighborhoods, communities, businesses, special interest groups, agency representatives, and policy leaders. 

We welcome visitors to our program office and are available to provide program presentations to interested groups. If you would like to be involved in the process, please call our toll-free hotline, 1-866-95US290 (1-866-958-7290) or fill out the request for appointment form on this Web site.


What public meetings were held about the US 290 Program?

Several rounds of public meetings were held during the previous Major Investment Study process (MIS), which was concluded in January 2003. Meetings have been held for the current Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process in August 2003, March 2004 and October 2005. Public hearings on the Draft EIS (DEIS) were held in July 2007.

Public meetings about an interim US 290 configuration built by TxDOT and the Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) were held in December 2012.  In June 2014, a change in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between TxDOT and HCTRA meant that TxDOT would deliver all interim program improvements. TxDOT is proposing a design fo the initial US 290 construction phase which includes one additional general purpose lane in each direction from I-610 to SH 6, with a one-lane reversible High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)/Toll lane in the center of US 290 from I-610 to SH 99 (Grand Parkway). Improvements to make the facility safer and more efficient will include mainlane shoulders to accommodate vehicle emergencies. The US 290 interim configuration does not impact the ongoing construction as it will be constructed within the right of way that has been environmentally cleared.

TxDOT held public meetings regarding the proposed revised interim lane configuration on September 1, 2015 at the Berry Center in Cypress, and on September 3, 2015 at the Sheraton Brookhollow hotel at the I-610/US 290 interchange. Click here to view materials shown at those public meetings.

TxDOT still plans to build the Hempstead Tollway along Hempstead Road, but currently funding for the tollway is not available.


I am a business owner and am concerned about construction near me – where can I go for help?

Click here to see our Just for Businesses page.

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