• Did you know our program will move several exit ramps farther away from cross streets?
    See why the concept known as Ramp Reversing is so important.
  • Did you know our program improvements include ramps to take motorists directly between IH 610, US 290 and IH 10?
    Read more about these Direct Connectors.
  • Did you know new ramps at the US 290/Beltway 8 interchange will improve mobility?
    Click here to learn about Collector - Distributors.
  • Did you know our program has a proposed rail component?
    The US 290 Corridor Major Investment Study (MIS) concluded that with all the growth in our corridor, expanded roads aren't enough. That's why TxDOT's ultimate plan preserves 50 feet of right of way along the proposed Hempstead Tollway for a High Capacity Transit System.