Project C-1 Construction Pictures - December 2015


Project C 1 LeftProject C 1 WBML at Mason Rd 11


Crews install retaining wall panels for the widened outbound US 290 mainlanes just before Mason Road. The vertical tree-like pattern on these panels is part of the TxDOT Houston District’s Green Ribbon Project, an effort to improve the appearance of area highways.

Project D Construction Pictures - December 2015


Project D Dec LeftProject D Dec Right


The contractor works on the inbound US 290 mainlane widening just east of Skinner Road.

Project G Construction Pictures - December 2015


Project G Dec Right

Bridge beams were installed just before Senate Avenue, for the new inbound Collector-Distributor roadway. Being constructed on both sides of US 290, these roadways will improve mobility through the Beltway 8 interchange by consolidating exiting and entering movements.

Project H Construction Pictures - December 2015


Project H Dec LeftProject H Dec Right

The contractor works on a drilled shaft, which will support the new mainlane bridge columns over Gessner (left). Crews work on the outbound mainlane retaining wall just before Gessner (right).

Project I Construction Pictures - December 2015


 Project I Dec LeftProject I Dec Right

The contractor breaks up the old US 290 outbound frontage road pavement near Pinemont (left).  Crews work to complete construction on the inbound US 290 frontage road between W. 43rd Street and Antoine Drive (right).

Project J-1 Construction Pictures - December 2015


 Project J 1 Dec LeftProject J 1 Dec Right

An excavator removes some of the old northbound I-610 pavement just before W. 18th Street to make room for the future I-10 to I-10 North Loop/US 290 connector.  Columns for that direct connector have been constructed between Old Katy Road and Hempstead Road (right). 

Project J-2 Construction Pictures - December 2015



Project J 2 dec LeftProject J 2 dec Right


The new outbound US 290 mainlane entrance at W. 34th Street and the new outbound mainlane bridge over W. 34th were opened.

Project K Construction Pictures - December 2015



Project K LeftProject K Right


Crews at night perform pavement noise reduction operations, known as Next Generation Concrete Surface, on the westbound I-610 North Loop mainlanes(left). This process involves grinding and longitudinally grooving the concrete pavement, decreasing tire and pavement noise(right).

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