Project J-1 Construction Pictures - August 2015

Project J 1 Left Project J 1 Left

The picture at left shows an aerial view of the I-610/US 290 interchange, looking north. The long elevated ramp at the bottom is the direct connector from US 290 to I-10, completed as part of Project K. Near the center of the picture you can see another long elevated ramp, which is a portion of the direct connector from I-10 to US 290, being built as part of Project J-1.

In the middle of the picture on the right, vehicles drive on new I-610 West Loop northbound pavement, to which they were switched this month. The area just to the left of those vehicles is where the contractor will build the rest of the direct connector from I-10.

Project K Construction Pictures - August 2015

Projects J 1 and K

This image shows the I-610 North Loop eastbound and westbound mainlanes, which are complete between W. T.C. Jester and Ella Boulevard.

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