Project D Construction Pictures - June 2014

ProjectD BarkerCypressBridge

Here crews work on rebuilding the northbound portion of the Barker Cypress bridge. Once this work is done, traffic will move to the northbound side while the southbound side is rebuilt. This work is anticipated to be be finished in August 2014.

Project I Construction Pictures - June 2014

Project I LeftProject I Right

These pictures show the contractor working to build the west side of the new Pinemont Drive Bridge over US 290. This work is anticipated to be finished by the end of summer 2014.

Project J-1 Construction Pictures - June 2014

ProjectJ1 Picture1   ProjectJ1 Picture2

The picture on the left shows crews building a circle of steel rebar near US 290 and Mangum Road, which will be used to support columns for the new direct connector taking I-10 motorists to US 290. On the right is a shot of column rebar already in place. That new direct connector is being built where the outbound US 290 frontage road used to be located.

Project K Construction Pictures - June 2014

ProjectK Picture1   ProjectK Picture2

On the left is a picture looking south at the I-610/US 290 interchange, which has changed dramatically in 2014. In the foreground are the new southbound I-610 mainlanes. At the top right of the image, to the right of the existing southbound I-610 mainlanes, are: the old HOV lane which is being demolished, the new southbound I-610 mainlanes, the new direct connector from US 290 and I-610 to I-10, and the new southbound I-610 frontage road over Hempstead Road.

On the right is a truck using the new direct connector from westbound I-610 to US 290.  Motorists now make that movement east of the interchange.

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