Project C-1 Construction Pictures - April 2016


 Project C 1Left AprilProject C 1Right April

The contractor works on the US 290 eastbound mainlanes just past Mason Road, where crews recently laid down an asphalt base. (left) Later they will pour concrete over the asphalt. (right)

Project D Construction Pictures - April 2016


Project D Left AprilProject DRight April


Crews work on US 290 outbound mainlane widening between Skinner Road and Spring Cypress. (left) This work includes construction of the new outbound entrance from Skinner, anticipated to be open in summer 2016. (right)

Project E Construction Pictures - April 2016


Project E Picture April

A contractor works to relocate utilities along US 290 outbound near FM 1960, in preparation for frontage road construction and mainlane widening.

Project G Construction Pictures - April 2016


Project G Left AprilProjectG Right April

The contractor builds the new US 290 outbound exit to FM 529, which will come off the new outbound Collector-Distributor ramp. (left) On the inbound side, mainlane widening is complete over FM 529. (right)

Project H Construction Pictures - April 2016


Project H Picture April

Crews clear right of way near W. Tidwell, in this space the new US 290 outbound frontage road will be constructed. In the background is the US 290 outbound mainlane retaining wall, which is now complete from Hollister to W. Tidwell.

Project I Construction Pictures - April 2016


Project I Left AprilProject I Right April

The contractor removes the pavement between W. 43rd and Bingle on which US 290 outbound motorists used to travel, the new mainlanes will be built in this space. (left) Crews put the finishing touches on the US 290 inbound frontage road near Bingle. (right) The new inbound frontage road from Pinemont to Antoine will open in May 2016. 


Project J-1 Construction Pictures - April 2016


 Project J 1 Left AprilProject J 1 Right April

Crews wait for a bucket of concrete to come up to them, as they pour the bent cap for the new I-610 northbound continuous frontage road over Hempstead Road. (left) Along the I-610 eastbound frontage road near W. T.C. Jester, crews install storm sewer. (right)

Project J-2 Construction Pictures - April 2016



Project J 2 LeftProject J 2 Right April

The contractor has almost completed a bridge which will provide a temporary connection from I-610 northbound to US 290 outbound. Opening in May, this will move the I-610 West Loop northbound exit to the right side of the freeway, opening up space for US 290 mainlane construction. (left) Crews demolish the existing portion of the US 290 inbound mainlanes at W. 34th Street.

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