Project C-1 Construction Pictures - May 2016


 Project C 1 Left may

Crews work to complete the US 290 inbound mainlanes over Mason Road. By the end of May 2016, construction on this project was 55 percent complete.

Project D Construction Pictures - May 2016


Project D Right may


Here is the bluebonnet image as it appears on the US 290 outbound mainlane retaining wall at Cypress Rose Hill. This image appears at all US 290 intersections as part of TxDOT’s Green Ribbon Program to enhance the appearance of area roadways.

Project E Construction Pictures - May 2016


Project E Picture May

Crews remove existing soil to create space for the new US 290 outbound frontage road between FM 1960 and Huffmeister.

Project G Construction Pictures - May 2016


Project G Picture may

A motorist uses the new US 290 inbound exit to West Little York and Gessner, which comes off the new inbound Collector Distributor ramp at Beltway 8. An outbound Collector Distributor is being built in this area as well. These new roadways will improve traffic flow at the US 290/Beltway 8 interchange by allowing exiting and entering traffic to merge without disrupting mainlane traffic.

Project H Construction Pictures - May 2016


Project H Picture may

The contractor works to complete the new US 290 outbound exit to Gessner, concrete will be poured over the steel rebar in the foreground. 

Project I Construction Pictures - May 2016


Project I Left mayProject I Right may

Crews work to build the new US 290 outbound mainlanes between W. 43rd Street and Bingle Road. (left) Motorists travel on the new inbound frontage road, which is complete from Pinemont to Antoine. (right)


Project J-1 Construction Pictures - May 2016


 Project J 1 Left may

The contractor works to clear space for the new I-610 northbound frontage road near Minimax Drive. 

Project J-2 Construction Pictures -May 2016



May 2016 Project J 2 Picture

At top left, I-610 northbound motorists take the temporary exit to US 290 outbound, which has been relocated from the left side to the right side of the roadway. The motorists are exiting to a completed portion of the direct connector from I-10  to US 290. This temporary configuration opens up space for US 290 outbound mainlane construction. 

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