Project C-1 Construction Pictures - June 2016


 Project C 1 Picture june

Crews install coping on top of the US 290 outbound mainlane bridge over Mason Road. Coping is concrete with pieces of steel rebar attached, which connect the mainlane railing and the mainlane pavement together.

Project D Construction Pictures - June 2016


Project D Left juneProject D Right Picture


The contractor is removing and milling asphalt which was temporarily placed on a US 290 outbound entrance ramp between Barker Cypress and Skinner. The old asphalt material will be recycled. (left) US 290 motorists were shifted to what will eventually be mainlane pavement. (right) This gives the contractor room to build the frontage road bridge over Cypress Creek.

Project E Construction Pictures - June 2016


Project E Right june

Crews relocate an underground fiber line along SH 6 southbound just before Hempstead Road.

Project G Construction Pictures - June 2016


Project G Left juneProject G Right june

The contractor works to complete the new US 290 outbound collector-distributor roadway. (left) This new roadway will open in a temporary configuration in July 2016, and from it motorists can exit to FM 529 or stay on it until the roadway rejoins the mainlanes. Motorists drive on the new US 290 inbound collector-distributor, which opened in June 2016. (right) The collector-distributors allow exiting and entering motorists to merge without disrupting mainlane traffic, improving traffic flow.

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Project H Construction Pictures - June 2016


Project H Left juneProjectH june

Crews finish work on the concrete barrier on US 290 outbound mainlanes at the new exit to Gessner. (left) Farther east, a contractor works to relocate utilities near W. Tidwell. (right) Once that utility relocation is done, the new outbound frontage road can be built.

Project I Construction Pictures - June 2016


Project I Right june

The contractor continues working on a portion of the new US 290 outbound mainlane pavement just before Pinemont.


Project J-1 Construction Pictures - June 2016


 Project J 1 Dir Conn C and NBFR Over Hempstead Rd 4

The contractor works on the steel rebar for a new exit on the I-10 to US 290/I-610 direct connector. This exit will let motorists coming from I-10 eastbound and westbound exit to Minimax Drive, W. 18th Street, or use a new U-turn at W. 18th to get to Hempstead Road.

Project J-2 Construction Pictures -June 2016



Project J 2 augustPicture

The contractor constructs columns which will support the widened US 290 inbound mainlanes at W. 34th Street.

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