Project C-1 Construction Pictures - August 2016


 Project C 1 Left aug 2016Project C 1 Right aug 2016

The contractor clears right of way (ROW) where the new US 290 outbound frontage road will be built between Mueschke and Mason. (left) Beams have been placed and decking put on top for the widened US 290 mainlanes over Mueschke. (right) 

Project D Construction Pictures - August 2016


Project D Picture aug 2016


Crews dig in preparation for storm sewer installation under what will be the US 290 outbound frontage road at Cypress Creek.  As the excavator at right moves along, the dozer at left follows and fills in the holes with dirt.

Project E Construction Pictures - August 2016


Project E Left aug 2016Project E Right aug 2016

The contractor builds a temporary asphalt US 290 inbound exit to Eldridge/West Road, which will be located west of the previous exit. (left and right) This exit will take motorists to the new continuous frontage road between SH 6 and Eldridge, which will open in September 2016. A new US 290 inbound entrance from SH 6 will open as well.

Project G Construction Pictures - August 2016


Project G Left aug 2016Project G Right august 2016

A welder adjoins the I-beam for the approach slab for the US 290 mainlanes near FM 529. (left) Crews smooth newly poured concrete for the mainlanes in the same area. (right) US 290 mainlane construction in this project is anticipated to be completed in September 2016.

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Project H Construction Pictures - August 2016


Project H Left august 2016Project H Right august 2016

Crews tie steel for drilled shafts for the columns which will support the US 290 mainlanes over Fairbanks North Houston. (left) The contractor begins work on the middle portion of the US 290 mainlanes at Gessner. (right) With the westbound pavement in these areas completed, the contractor is now focusing on the middle part of the mainlanes, and will later complete the eastbound side.

Project I Construction Pictures - August 2016


Project I Left august 2016Project I Right august 2016

Crews install new storm sewer at US 290 and Pinemont, over which the new outbound frontage road will be built. (left) The contractor works on what will eventually be the new US 290 outbound mainlanes over Bingle. (right)


Project J-1 Construction Pictures - August 2016


 Project J 1 Left august 2016Project J 1 Right augsut 2016

In the center of the picture, crews work on the direct connector from I-10 to US 290/I-610 just past where the connector goes over Hempstead Road. (left) A wider image of that area shows the contractor working on columns farther north for the direct connector. (right)

Project J-2 Construction Pictures -August 2016



Project J 2 Left august 2016Project J 2 EBML at W. 34th St. 9 august 2016

The contractor digs where new storm sewer will be installed to drain the widened US 290 outbound mainlanes at W. 34th St. (left) Crews have placed most of the steel beams to support the widened outbound mainlanes. (right)

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