Project A Construction Pictures - September 2016

 Project A Left septProject A Right sept


The contractor removes old asphalt pavement from the US 290 inbound mainlanes just east of FM 362. (left) Next to that area, crews work on inbound mainlane widening. (right)


Project B Construction Pictures - September 2016

Project B Picture

A crew member grades land along US 290 inbound near Katy-Hockley  Road. The widened inbound mainlanes will be built in this area.

Project C-1 Construction Pictures - September 2016

 Project C 1 Picture sept

The contractor pours concrete over steel rebar for the US 290 widened outbound mainlanes just west of Mason Road.

Project C-2 Construction Pictures - September 2016

 Project C 2 Picture

Crews use rollers in preparation for US 290 inbound mainlane widening near SH 99 (Grand Parkway). US 290 inbound will be three lanes in each direction in this area once construction is complete.

Project D Construction Pictures - September 2016

Project D Left

The contractor digs along the US 290 outbound frontage road near Cypress Creek.  Storm sewer will be installed here, with the new frontage road built on top. (left)

Project E Construction Pictures - September 2016

Project E Picture

A crew works to relocate two natural gas lines near SH 6 northbound at Hempstead Road. Utility relocation is occurring in several areas along SH 6 and FM 1960.

Project F Construction Pictures - September 2016

Project F RightProject F Left

These workers are relocating underground fiber lines in a deep trench along West Road near US 290 inbound. Construction on the westbound mainlanes is anticipated to begin in fall 2016.

Project G Construction Pictures - September 2016

Project G LeftProject G Right

The contractor works to remove the base of an old high-mast illumination pole. (left) Crews remove some leftover soil underneath Beltway 8. (right) There are only a few tasks left to complete on this project, it is anticipated to be substantially complete by the end of 2016.

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Project H Construction Pictures - September 2016

Project H LeftProject H Right

A dump truck provides base material which will help support the US 290 outbound mainlane pavement just west of Pinemont. (left) Crews prepare an area along the US 290 inbound frontage road near W. Tidwell for storm sewer installation. (right)

Project I Construction Pictures - September 2016

Project I LeftProject I Right

The contractor works on what will eventually be the US 290 inbound mainlane retaining wall just east of Bingle Road. (left and right) Mainlane construction is currently occurring on both the inbound and outbound sides in this project.


Project J-1 Construction Pictures - September 2016

 Project J 1 Picture

At left in the image are beams the contractor recently placed. They will support the exit ramp from the I-10 direct connector to the I-610 North Loop eastbound.

Project J-2 Construction Pictures -September 2016

Project J 2 LeftProject J 2 Right

Crews sand forms for the concrete caps that will be placed on top of columns supporting new bridges. (left) The contractor pours concrete footing for a column which will support the new High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane structure just north of Old Katy Road.(right)

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