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Off-Peak HOV Lane Improvements

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Houston held a public meeting on October 11, 2018 at the Jersey Village High School regarding the proposed off-peak high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane improvements along US 290 from West 34th Street near the I-610/US 290 interchange to Barker Cypress Road in Harris County, Texas.

The proposed project includes operation of an existing US 290 mainlane as a HOV lane during specific weekday travel times, to provide transit between the Cypress Park & Ride near Skinner Road and the I-610/US 290 interchange. Paired with the US 290 barrier-separated reversible HOV lane, the project provides routes for HOV traffic in both directions during peak travel hours. During all other times, the lanes would operate as general purpose lanes. This project would not change the total number of lanes along US 290 and no new right-of-way would be required.

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Below is a summary of the program's environmental history.

BACKGROUND: How did we get here?

The beginning...

In order for TxDOT to know what to expect and plan for in the coming years, a Major Investment Study (MIS) of the US 290 and Hempstead Tollway corridor was prepared. It was critical to determine what the future transportation needs were for this area.

After several years of intensive research, numerous studies and, most importantly, extensive public involvement efforts, the MIS determined that renovating the US 290 Corridor is a worthwhile investment in the community's future. It is TxDOT’s mission to work cooperatively to provide safe, effective and efficient movement of people and goods.

Major Investment Study (MIS): Summary Report
View the PDF

Major Investment Study (MIS): Entire Report
View the PDF (20MB file - may take additional time to download)


After the MIS stage, public scoping meetings were held to solicit input for the preparation of the program’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

The US 290 DEIS Public Hearing was held in July 2007. The DEIS is the environmental document which proceeded the program’s Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). Comments from the public were received during the DEIS period and incorporated into the FEIS final document.

Read the US 290 Corridor DEIS Executive Summary PDF file
DEIS Executive Summary

Read the full US 290 DEIS Report PDF files
Volume I
Volume II


Why was the FEIS prepared?

Following the requirements of NEPA, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), in coordination with TxDOT, prepared a DEIS to assess the potential effects (impacts) of the proposed project. After receiving public comments, both oral and written, through the DEIS public hearing process, this FEIS was prepared. The FEIS details the process through which the project was developed, provides a detailed description of the proposed project, the need for and purpose of the proposed project, the reasonable alternatives identified, the affected environment and the analysis of the anticipated benefit and adverse environmental effects.

US 290 Corridor FEIS: Executive Summary

PDF file
FEIS Executive Summary

US 290 Corridor FEIS: Full Report
PDF file
Full FEIS Report

US 290 FEIS Map Drawings

The FHWA granted a Record of Decision (ROD) to the US 290/Hempstead Corridor Program in August 2010. 

Read the US 290/Hempstead Corridor ROD.
Read the ROD Appendices.

Interim Managed Lanes Project

In December 2012, TxDOT held two public meetings on the Interim Managed Lanes Project, which was a joint effort between TxDOT and the Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA), to improve US 290 in an interim condition from I-610 to SH 99 (Grand Parkway).  

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Revised ROD Granted - Re-Evaluation of the FEIS

In 2013, the FHWA granted a ROD to the US 290 Corridor Project. This allowed the construction of what was a joint effort between TxDOT and the HCTRA, called the Interim Managed Lanes Project, as presented in the Environmental Re-evaluation document.

Click here to read the Revised ROD

Click here to read the portions of the Re-evaluation of the FEIS document.


In June 2014, TxDOT assumed responsibility for all interim program improvements.

TxDOT held public meetings regarding its proposed revised interim lane configuration in September 2015. Click here to view the information presented.

These improvements are described as interim because TxDOT still plans to build the parallel Hempstead Tollway, but there is currently no funding available for construction.

In September 2017, TxDOT approved the environmental documents for the proposed revised interim lane configuration. Click here to read those documents.